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Specialized Playback Pro System

Although Solid State Designs does not own equipment occasionally we see a need for a specialized piece of equipment to make sure a show works properly.   We have built a High Definition video playback system based on the industry standard PlaybackPro from DT Videolabs.

This system was used to play 10bit uncompressed HD footage on a large 90'x17' screen.  In addition it is capable of surround sound in six channels.  We have included a battery back up as well as DVI emulators.  The system travels as a primary and back up.  In addition this can be used as show computers.  Software installed includes Keynote, PowerPoint, and Office.  The system is also enabled as a dual boot with Windows 7 to be used as PowerPoint machines.

The system is available for rent with or without an operator.  Contact us for more information.